#followfriday: @sjbatch



You shouldn’t necessarily follow Stephen Batchelor because of his Twitter account as it is, but rather what it could be, if encouraged.

As a Teacher/Learner he was my first Boss and I find him insightful, often funny and rarely dull. ‘The Batch’ is the Director of H.E at MidKent College and the nearest I’ve had to a mentor in F.E. Whether he wanted to be or not. I wouldn’t have my teaching qualification without him. Thank you good sir.

Essentially, when they come for me, and they will, I can say it was his fault.

The author of Dummy books and occasional blogs, about History, go say hi and tell him I sent you.


As a Bonus; from the archive… https://audioboo.fm/boos/22883-iphone-monologues-the-thief




#followfriday: @mrssarahsimons

As part of #followfriday rather then just give you a list of names, I thought I would name one a week and why I follow them, and by default from a Teacher/Learner perspective, so should you.

Sarah Simons

Now the number one reason to follow Sarah isn’t because she once lived with Ken Barlow, although I can understand that you would think it might be.
The reason that I follow Sarah on twitter is because she is a, if not the, driving force behind #ukfechat as well as a writer on FE for the TES and producer of its FE focused podcast.
So you see if you are a F.E focused Teacher Learner, you will soon see that Sarah is a nexus point around which current FE debate and discussion occurs. As well as fighting the ongoing battle to teach Functional Skills (English) and develop resources so that others can do so as well.
Sarah can often be found harnessing people to lead discussions every Thursday at 9, but I also had the pleasure and opportunity to meet her in person at last years Sunday Times Education Conference, where she was as delightful in person as she appears online.
On a personal level as I continue to develop and drive my own Teaching and Learning forward, Sarah, whether she likes it or not, has become somebody for me to seek the opinion of and guidance from, and for that I am grateful.

#followfriday 8th May

Follow Friday is a twitter trend to promote Friends, like minded people, people of interest, on Twitter.

Les Cochrane quite rightly noted that a random list of names means nothing, he’d much rather have a select few names and a reason why they’d be good to follow.

I decided to do a bit of both, and use my blog to talk about those on Twitter I follow, and why I think you should follow them too. 

I’ll only recommend a maximum of ten per week and will set up a category so you can find them should you so wish.

This weeks 10, are fellow graduates of Bournemouth Media School, and in no particular order;

Helen Thornber: Aspiring writer and recent returnee to the North. http://www.helenthornber.com/

Katie McCullough; Theatre addict, script writer and she’ll read your scripts. for a fee. http://www.katiemccullough.co.uk/

Amy Harrison; recently gone freelance writer. You’ll find her on twitter but she whishes it was CB radio.http://www.harrisonamy.com/

Richard Knowles; ex-housemate, (in a non BB sense) Comms manager at BT and sports fan. 

Sian Fever; video editor, stranger to daylight and recent addition too the population of London.http://sianfever.blogspot.com/

David Williams; London resident, Digital manager and wisher of a better Libdem party.http://www.dpwilliams.com/

Tom Lane; Teacher, writer and self confessed geek. http://holdingpatterns.hwcommunity.com/

Joe Tunmer; Director of short films and music videos. http://www.digitalsneakers.co.uk/ltd/Joe_Tunmer.html

Mel Hodson; Filmmaker, promoter of John ‘Captain Jack’ Barrowman and runs her own production company at  http://www.movinglightproductions.co.uk/

Lucy Vee; Script reader and blogger http://www.lucyvee.blogspot.com/