Personal Statement: Lecturer

This is part of a series of blogs in which I pull apart my personal statement (as adapted for my About page) to see what it means, and what it means for me. My job title, or at least the role I was ostensibly hired for is Media Lecturer. This is partly out of date, as whilst I am currently a course leader within the Media department, I don’t actually teach the Media production units any more. And it bristles me more than it should when I see myself referred to as such, as if the career development I have made has been ignored, intentionally or otherwise. But what about the title Lecturer, this bothers me also, again maybe more that it should, as I don’t feel it applicable to what I do, what ever that might be. Is a job title important, and if so what should mine be? I blogged about this before here when I discussed business cards, and toyed with the idea of having ‘Cat Herder on mine. According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, job titles are no longer a simple thing and the more specific we can get the better. Increasingly this has come to be two words seemingly put together at random, to create an evocative image of what the person does. Like ‘Probability Engineer’ or the aforementioned ‘Cat Herder’. However as this piece states more emphasis can be put on a job title then it is worth, for example when everybody is a VP, does it mean anything to be a VP?

“In most cases a job title is also worth nothing, especially to you. Authority, responsibility, control, freedom… those things matter, but those things are not automatically conferred by a job title.”

Dharmesh Shah; Founder and CTO at Hubspot.

According to Ask Jeeves, when asked

What does “job title” mean?

The answer was:

A job title is the name used to describe a specific group of tasks performed by an individual for a business or another enterprise. A job title is an efficient way to tell what a person does.

So what does this all mean for me? But am I really? According to the Oxford dictionary a Lecturer is


  • A person who gives lectures, especially (British) as an occupation at a university or college of higher education:

Well I don’t feel I give lectures and I don’t work in a college of higher education. This might be though because I think of lectures like this

and I might be in a rush to claim it if I thought of it like this


What do you think about the job title Lecturer?

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