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The White Board: New Projects


As we can see two new projects have appeared.

Friends, With Benefits

Is a play I am currently writing and I will reveal more next week.

iPhone Monolologues

What is this? I hear you collectively ask.

I’ve been using the Audio blogging  app Audioboo to record my Boo Reviews.

 Well I decided to try something different.

I’ve now used it to record a monologue drama.

Click to listen

Written By Myself and voiced by Stephen Batchelor.

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Please leave a comment, would love to know what you think.

The Balance/ The White Board


Before I discuss the developments on the board and go into any further details, I’d like to one more time make a reference to Tim Clague’s Blog:

The Balance

 A question often raised in person but rarely blogged is – how do we earn our cash.

Few people earn 100% of their income from the scriptwriting of dramatic narrative material. Suki directs adverts, Danny as we all know does script reading and I work in the corporate sector.

In the end it all comes down to being clear about your goals and what you want. Even as I write that it seems obvious. But how many of us actually do have that clarity? How long will you continue to write as you have been doing before you change tactics? How are you measuring how successful you are? What is your actual goal for earning money through film making this year? What about next year? What about in 10 years time?

We don’t like these sort of questions. They don’t seem artistic. But we also don’t like them because they hold up a mirror and we may feel uncomfortable. But they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable if we had a plan. Just a quick plan. A plan about balance and slowly increasing our scriptwriting work.

Yesterday I met up with Christina Ferguson from the Development Hell blog. She had an interesting story about how she (kind of) quit her job . You know when your life feels wrong. The only answer is to act.

***extra bit*** Meeting Christina shows me the power of the blog in action. People all over the world coming together to share new ideas. We’d never met – but we had a lot of shared experiences already.

Marton House, the company Tim works for also produced this video:

Caroline Bannock was the youngest ever associate producer for ABC News. She talks about the ultimate work pressure, working in a war zone to tight broadcast deadline – and how she now has achieved a better balance in her life.

That balance is where I failed so often before both in terms of finding a was to earn money that complemented what I was doing, both in terms of me having the opportunity to follow my creative projects and also left me energized to follow them.

And I was constantly failing in terms of balancing between personal life and creative life.

So what’s changed?

Plus I’m practicing what I preach, I can’t get annoyed with them for not producing if I’m not producing, or blogging or developing.

And so by doing this, I should, in theory at least also get better at my job.

And how did I improve the balance between personal and creative life? I’m single!

So I’m no longer failing form a certain point of view.

It’s a life choice I think about all the time a lot of friends my age are now married and children are turning up at an alarming rate. From where I’m not entirely sure.

I’m growing accustomed to the idea of being Uncle Steven, to my friends kids.

Sorry that all got a little melancholy. Anyway…

I edited out of a previous post and put it in here, because well, it seemed more appropriate and was very relevant.


As I said this is something I’m really trying to embrace this year. We shall see what the success rate is.

I’m teaching, full time, Media Production, and whilst it can be mentally tiring and I have a stack of marking to get done, it also inspires me. I’m teaching on the same college course I once studied. And so I feel like I’m giving something back and when quality work is produced, well it’s a good feeling.

Released Written Subject
Monday Sunday Inspiration
Tuesday Monday OnMeJack /From the Vaults
Wednesday Tuesday Podcast Studies 
Thursday Wednesday Lightminded Fringe
    The Decoys
    The Chimp Presents
Friday Thursday The White Board
Saturday Friday Late Edition
Sunday Saturday Guest Blog

So Monday, well who doesn’t want to be inspired on a Monday.

Tuesday, I’ll be showing you some of my old work that I produced, and hopefully to give this whole thing a point, I’ll even be showing new work that I’ve produced as well…

Wednesday, Tuesday is a light day, teaching wise, so I’m going to be reviewing and highlighting Pods and Podcasters that I enjoy or have enjoyed and will even attempt to put some analytical thought into it!

Thursday, I’ll be updating the other blogs so be sure to check them out.

Friday, I’ll update the whiteboard, if something should get added, taken away of heaven forbid put into red, you’ll be the first to know.

Saturday, just in case life should inconsiderately get in the way.

Sunday, I’ll recommend somebody else that’s deserving of your attention!

Who thinks I’ll make a week? And that’s just the blog.

I also aim to achieve an average of 5 Boo Reviews a week.

And the previously mentioned 90% average on my Daily Mugshots.

12  I’m going to be using to provide brief updates on the different projects that are being worked upon. When I meet up with others working on the project I’ll attempt to get them to do the update to give you a break from me, but no promises.

Note: 12 seconds is not a lot of time at all…

Okay for status updates on non-OnMeJack blogged projects after today, check out their individual blogs.


On Tuesdays blog I’ll be updating it with the individual writing projects I’m working on which include an audio project, a play and a feature script. 

Lightminded Fringe


 Jimmy and Table Guy



 Self Centered


 Butternut Squash



The Decoys



 Sweet and Sour




 The Decoys


 The Chimp Presents 


 The Youth of Today


 If You’ve done nothing Wrong…


So together lets see if these statuss, stati ?!? Anyway, lets see if these actually change or not.

Personally I’m hoping so.


I’ve been on holiday from College for easter and so it has enabled me to work on projects and develop the blogs and that’s been great, but back next week and the challenge will be maintaining the habits I started.