Inspiration: Thinking So You Don’t Have To

Ze Frank’s the show was/ is a constant source of inspiration and just like Gaping Void, something i will be coming back to again and again.

First lets look at Ze’s timely if inconclusive asking of an eternal question.


Teacher Man

First posted on Posterous Feburary 22md 2010

In a world of Dead Poets Societies, Dangerous Minds and Mona Lisa’s Smile.

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt is a great book.

Insightful, funny and moving.

I highly recommend it.



Follow Friday is a twitter trend to promote Friends, like minded people, people of interest, on Twitter.

Les Cochrane quite rightly noted that a random list of names means nothing, he’d much rather have a select few names and a reason why they’d be good to follow.

I decided to do a bit of both, and use my blog to talk about those on Twitter I follow, and why I think you should follow them too. 

I’ll only recommend a maximum of ten per week and will set up a category so you can find them should you so wish.

This weeks 10, i went with the first ten people I followed on Twitter and so this is actually just as much a gateway into their online presence which is why I followed them and continue to follow them;

@warrenellis: Internet Jesus and Acclaimed writer of Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Global Frequency and the recent GI Joe: Resolute.

@stevegarfield: One of the Internets first Videobloggers and passionate about Online Video.

@casymckinnon: The former Miss Kitka and award winning producer of Galacticast and a Comicbook Orange. She has also written about online media for the Guardian.

@gapingvoid: Inspirational writer, artist, new media and wine marketer. 

@zefrank: an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and producer of The Show. during which he inspired an Earth Sandwhich, a Song for Ray and Ugly Myspace. Go to and all will become clear. 

@rudy: The writer producer of Galacticast and ‘walking media production house.’ Check out the episode looking at Abrams pitch for Star Trek.

@zadi: The co-creator and host of the award winning Epic Fu.

@wilw: Star of Stand by Me and famous for his role as Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG. He emerged as a vocal member of the Geek community.

@amazingamanda: One of the first videobloggers to bring new media to the the general public appearing on ABC News and CSI.  

@xenijardin: Blogger and tech culture Journalist, as well as Co-editor of the award winning blog Boing Boing and Executive producer of Boing Boing TV. 


Thats all folks, more next Friday.

Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers: Interview with Chris Phillips


Chelmsford based Chris Phillips is a director/editor who specialises in music videos, motion graphics and entertainment. He has directed music promos for acts such as Lady Sovereign, Wiley and Fei Comodo and worked on a variety of MTV shows including Pimp My Ride UK and Zane Lowe’s Gonzo. In 2007 he directed and edited 138 episodes of MTV Base show DJ Takeover. Currently he creates title sequences and motion graphics for MTV shows and is finishing the latest episodes of The Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers, an independant internet comedy he co-created which was picked up by MTV.

How would you describe Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers to somebody who hadn’t seen it before?

It’s basically a spoof of saturdays morning kids tv shows like power rangers, thunderbirds etc. Imagine if the kids from skins were really depressed and had super powers.

Would you call it a podcast, new media, a webseries or any such definition?

I guess a web series is a fair title. They are only short mini episodes, about 5 minutes but it’s been broadcast on tv. Apparently the IMDB lists it as a proper mtv show, and one of my jobs on it was ‘cinematopgraher’. I’m not sure if this makes it more legitamate or whether it proves IMDB is a load of crap.

How did the first series come about?

i saw a picture of my emo looking friend dressed as a ninja and called him an emo ranger. the joke seemed to be quite funny so stupidly i spent the next 5 years of my life making episodes on the whim of a bad joke.

How did the show end up on MTV?

someone at mtv saw us on myspace back when middle aged media types thought myspace was hip. they lured us in with their amazing brand name and we stayed for the tedious work and average wages.

Explain your working relationship with Nick Pittom.

nick makes emo rangers with me. our working relationship is a bit like an old couple. most of the time we’re just going through the motions with a glazed expression – but once in a while we rekindle the spark with a bit of effort and create some magic.

How long from initial idea to final release did series 1 take?

2 fucking years.

Were you always going to make a second series?

i guess we knew it had legs. the first series got loads of attention on youtube and myspace and all that, but production wise its a bit… how can i say… shit? so we decided we had to make a better lot.

What if any practical differences were there between the making of series 1 and 2?

we were flat mates for the first series. i’ve since moved in with my girlfriend and we’re getting married next year and stuff which is really cool, but it means theres less time to hang out with nick and film teenage girls fighting at our local skate park. but u have to make those kind of sacrifices if you want a real life, instead of being the ‘older guy’ who hangs out with the local students in an awkward attempt at pulling some nervous 18 yr old who’s drunk too much cider and wine with a flimsy excuse of filming them for a ‘web series’.

Will people ever get to see series 2?

yeah i promise. we’re nearly done! 🙂 nearly! hey watchmen took 15 years to get finished.

Things that inspire me: Tim Clague




This post is about somebody I’ve had the pleasure to chat with. You can find Tim Clague at though he hasn’t seen fit yet to join twitter.  Tim’s blog has proved a constant source for me, and I’ll be sharing with you some of my personal favourites.

Here I present one of my favourite of his films, It feels like a dramatisation of my brain.







In Tims blog dated Thursday, February 16, 2006. he stats that all writers feel this way about the short. not sure if i should feel good or bad about that!


Anvil – The Story of Anvil


As anybody who knows me knows, music is not a cultural strong point of mine, so not only had I never heard of Anvil, but I only had a passing knowledge of the other music artists mentioned in this film.


Anvil is a Documentary about the Canadian rock group of the same name. One of the most difficult things to get past initially is that this isn’t a rip off of Spinal Tap, this is a real band, the Drummer being called Robb Reiner doesn’t help.


However once you except that this is real you open yourself up for one of the most emotional journeys I have seen at the cinema this year. The film follows as Anvil, 30 years after not making it into the big time make one last push for the top. You will laugh, you will cry and you will want to watch it again and tell your friends to watch it also.


And it is with great cheer that I read the following on


While Anvil! The Story of Anvil only made $34,800 – it only took three screens. Not only that, but Anvil’s per screen average of $11,600 was better than any other new release this week.


Yes Anvil beat Hannah Montana at the cinema. And a big congratulations for that.