#followfriday: @sjbatch



You shouldn’t necessarily follow Stephen Batchelor because of his Twitter account as it is, but rather what it could be, if encouraged.

As a Teacher/Learner he was my first Boss and I find him insightful, often funny and rarely dull. ‘The Batch’ is the Director of H.E at MidKent College and the nearest I’ve had to a mentor in F.E. Whether he wanted to be or not. I wouldn’t have my teaching qualification without him. Thank you good sir.

Essentially, when they come for me, and they will, I can say it was his fault.

The author of Dummy books and occasional blogs, about History, go say hi and tell him I sent you.


As a Bonus; from the archive… https://audioboo.fm/boos/22883-iphone-monologues-the-thief




The White Board: New Projects


As we can see two new projects have appeared.

Friends, With Benefits

Is a play I am currently writing and I will reveal more next week.

iPhone Monolologues

What is this? I hear you collectively ask.

I’ve been using the Audio blogging  app Audioboo to record my Boo Reviews.

 Well I decided to try something different.

I’ve now used it to record a monologue drama.

Click to listen

Written By Myself and voiced by Stephen Batchelor.

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