“Unsung Heroes”


This insurance Ad has had millions of views and is not the first successfully emotional piece by Thai Life.

For me the inspiration is from 2 minutes on and applies to those working in their “vocation”.


In a twitter scriptchat recently I described a vocation as

“A term used to justify not paying you what you are worth


term you use to justify to yourself unpaid work.”

And this is certainly true teaching within F.E, where pay is less than schools and their are many many tasks done and hours worked for untaken lieu time.

And like the man in the in the video, many can not understand it. So why?


Go to 2 minutes in for the benefit of giving to strangers

‘What he does receive are emotions

He witnesses happiness

Reach a deeper understanding

Feels the love

Recieves what money can’t buy

A world made more beautiful.


Believe in good”


What do you think?

Should I Work For Free?



Be seeing you


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