344 Questions; Heroes and Enemies.

Who are your Heroes?
A person, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

I struggled with this one, as whilst there are certainly people that I admire for their achievements, which isn’t to say they aren’t courageous or noble, I wouldn’t necessarily say that they were my Heroes.

Whilst there have been plenty of international and historical figures I admire, I don’t feel they are heroes to me personally.

I might be over thinking it, out side of fictional characters I struggle with the concept and this blog is intended to have a Teacher/ Learner focus.


What I thought was I would write about real people, on Fridays as part of #FollowFriday as I see that that still exists.

And here I thought I would write about some fictional Heroes that I have, and what I admire about them, but that felt like a cop out. So I ended up with nothing more than listening to this.

Who Are your Enemies?
Again, I don’t really feel I have any.
Which is quite fortunate really.

I mean there are people I dislike, avoid, don’t trust even, but enemies, no,

I’m hoping I’m not anybody else’s enemy for that matter. Though I know there are people I have wronged.
As a Teacher Learner however, I think, and I hope I’m right on this there are no enemies.

Even Gove.


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