The Sunday Confessional, and this Blog returns…

First use of the blog since July. (shakes head at self)

I want to use this time for better focusing on what can I do differently, rather than veering towards whining about the actions of others. I am keeping a journal (badly) failing to write in it at the end of every day, but I am writing in it, and using it to write this!

Tuesday was a classic piece of work procrastination, as I focused on tidying my educational books behind my desk. They are collected thematically now, and look nice. This was of course an essential task to get done.

I now have two to do list note books, one for keeping track, and then one for daily to dos. I need to, there are lots to do!

Wednesday was a tough day, I had been involved in a couple of meetings that went very well, meanwhile some students of mine behaved badly and so I had to deal with that rapidly. I have been blessed so far this academic year with general good student behaviour, but there was almost a teacher muscle memory in terms of speaking to the students, their parents and anybody else involved.

Thursday was great, a friend of mine came to the college and delivered Stand Up comedy workshops. He spoke about stand up, delivered some set, attempting to make 15 teenagers laugh, and then they were supported to write their own material. A whole 30 minutes. And what was great was that they did it, all of them, and most of them took the opportunity to perform it. Times like this I love my job.

Friday was another tough day. Went into work Saturday, to do timetabling, this has been a them that I am a Martyr to. Had to move some classes round due to staff change, and I did my classes last. Like I said, I’m a Martyr. I don’t mind going in on Saturdays however as it means I spend less time working from home.

You know the old work/life balance.


Plan more. Plan better.

Blog more. Blog better

Be seeing you.


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