The End of Term

The last academic week, and the funny thing about running 1 year courses, is that at the end of every year the students finish and some of them I might never see again. Might develop detachment issues.
In previous years there was a real tension to the week, with highly strung students about to quite at any moment rather than do that final piece of work and pass the course.
This year students were very committed to finishing the work, in a very very relaxed way, they had four days, why come in monday or Tuesday.

So whatelse happened?

Had an important meeting with the line manager about the course specs for (2014) which I will talk about in another post. (this is unlikely based on my current blogging achievements)
I met for a cup of tea, with my TDS buddies, but I still havent spoken about TDS…

Had a great meeting with the student welfare officer to discuss ways we can improve student involvement in the course planning process.
Sat down with my manager and HoF, to get course timetables sorted, 2 steps forward.
Met with my Dtlls tutor to discus my experiences as a speaker at the FoE, but I haven’t blogged about that yet.

Had a brilliant meeting at the Institute of Education about studying for an MA.
Proposed plan of study:
Module Title Start date Submission and Exam board
Independent Study Module April 2014 1st Sept 2014 Nov 2014
Supporting Learners and Learning July 2014 1st Dec 2014 Nov 2015
Teacher as Author Oct 2014 2nd Mar 2015 Nov 2015
Assessing Colleagues Learning April 2015 7th Sept 2015 Nov 2015
The Action Researcher Oct 2015 7th Mar 2016 Nov 2016
Report Thesis Jan 2016 Sept or Dec 2016 Nov 2016 or Nov 2017

Had a meeting with the Manager of Functional Skills, about how it will be embedded on my courses next year, and they seemed very happy with what we are planning.
I will also be teaching Functional Skills next academic year, as I’ve discovered that the best people are involved in UKFEChat.

Focus Day.
Emotional Moments as the college Principal leaves post.
Bulk of the morning spent on how we can make the faculty outstanding ahead of any future OFSTED visits. Shared some of my best practice which people seemed to like.

Write this earlier in the day
Write other blogs.


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