Classless not studentless

Working without a timetable, I seem to be even busier.

This is of course my rubbish excuse for not blogging this week, still nothing on the Talent Development Scheme, no new Teacher’s Life, no new 344 Questions and nothing on the Festival of Education.

Forgive me T’interweb, for I haven’t blogged. It is 7 days since my last confessional.

Principally Monday through Friday was spent in 1-2-1s helping students across the finish line, and helping others towards progression onto Level 3, but what else happened?


Department meeting. I didn’t think it was effective and I did not hide my feelings, growing increasingly despondent and irritable. Me Head of Faculty asked to speak with me afterwards.

I apologised, but said I felt that meetings were focused towards Level 3, and as a course tutor for Level 1 and 2, i get frustrated. We agreed that meetings for level 1 &2 should occur.

The college has ‘the common meeting slot’ Mondays 3.30-4.30.

Overall though, the meeting with my HoF was great, made my sensitive soul feel much better.


Came across a combination calculator, and whilst I didn’t do what I needed, it did enthuse me to discuss it with a college and arrange a snap meeting with the ICT lead for PLP.

The meeting was great not only did they agree that the calculator could be developed and put online, they made me aware of a simple checklist tool available on Moodle. that I will be making use of next academic year.

Midday I had a meeting at a nearby SEN school, to talk toa  group of students about coming to college, specifically my new Level 1 course, however, there had been a miscommunication, and of the 7 students that attended, 5 were already signed up.

I was asked if there was something else I could do with them for the hour. My brain froze.

And then I pulled out of the tool box, an old film literacy class, and it went really well. So maybe I’m not that bad at this job after all. as Students and teachers responded well to it.


As part of the Talent Development Scheme, had to do an Emotional Intelligence test, and I had a meeting to discuss the results. Not ready to discuss the results here yet, but to say that at one point I was almost in tears.

Had a productive planning level 2 meeting, discussed which teachers for which units, and we came to agreement, so this is great, moving forward.

Took my level 1 January start students for lunch at the college restaurant, as a congratulations for completing the course. The restaurant is great, amazing food cooked and served by students. Was able to award prizes for achievement and student development, and then said goodbye.


Had a planning discussion with my HoF about the new Level 1 course. Managed to agree hours, curriculum and teaching staff, so that was all good, by any bodies standards.

I have been introduced to somebody who is further ahead in their journey of Teaching Media in F.E and studying for M.A, but we agree about a great many things. Had a first in what I believe will be a series of telephone conversations, as we put these thoughts to paper.


The Long Goodbyes (alt blog title)

Had my three L2 classes in for cake and to celebrate them will mostly it seems almost finish the course!

A big surprise was when the majority of one class announced that they were no longer seeking to progress to L3, but were looking at alt provision so they could pursue Computer Game development.

On the Level 2 we offer studying Video Games, not making them, on the Level 3 they offer neither. This has led a casual conversation with my colleagues and line manager about ‘we should do more on video games’, to a planned meeting about establishing a Video Games pathway in 2014. First up a Skype chat with fell UKFEchatter @enorichards.

Had lunch with the September start Level 1 class, they really excelled this year, and am looking forward to what they achieve in the future.

3 weeks left before summer.

Future Activity

Book Monthly meetings for level 1 and 2 course tutors.

Follow up Calculator meeting.

Set up checklists on moodle

Go back to SEN school and speak to year 10 students about coming to college and the Level 1 course.

Computer Game Pathway meeting(s)



Don’t overuse checklists on moodle.

Be Seeing you


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