So this week I didn’t post an extra blog, so I failed that Target. I did however speak twice at an Educational Festival (Spoiler alert) so that was a trade-off.

This week was a series of lasts.
This year in an effort to improve study skills, I introduced the Learning for Life course into the curriculum for my Level 1 and 2 classes. it’s worked relatively well, enabled us to add focused time to the timetable, try new things. It won’t be on the timetable next year under the ‘Programmes of Study’, so there will be a renewed focus on embedding Personal, Learning, Thinking Skills (PLTS) into the SOW, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


So following a mammoth reflection activity, this course was put to bed.

Talking about Programmes of Study, we had a faculty meeting at the end of the day, to discuss this, and for some faculty members this was a first time. Due to launching a new Level 1 course next year I benefitted from being fairly fully aware and I am looking forward to the possibilities, which include; a fully formed Induction Project, work experience and a final term focused on progression, at both Level 1 and 2.



Was my last teaching day with my January start course, and it has had high and low points, if I was being more frank with you I’d go into details, but I’m not. Overall I think it was successful;, I learnt a lot and was certainly challenged about my preconceptions about who these students would be and what they would get out of the course and input into it.

At least one of the students names gets added to the list that haunt me late at night when the demon’s come, and i wonder, could I have done more for them.



Featured my last teaching hour of the academic year, a fairly inauspicious occasion, and I’ll now be spending 30 odd hours a week with students on a 1-2-1 basis. My line manager has asked for a department meeting Monday, an agenda item is ‘At Risk Students’, my answer is the whole of the Level 2, they’ve still to either Pass the course, or Progress onto their next one. Teenagers even this late in the day can go ‘F*ck it’ and walk away from the course. In fact one student who was doing great, and then didn’t come in for over a month, returned, so it can go both ways.



Admin and 1-2-1s.

I did get to have a long conversation with my #FuturePrincipal, as the college had received an award for being a Super Club by Filmclub, they had said some very flattering things about me, so it was good to share that. I learnt her the book Rework, as I thought she might find it enlightening, after a talk she had given on the talent Development Scheme TDS (Something I have yet to blog about!) and I was able to drop very unsubtle hints about wanting a conversation about my aspirations in the near future. This led to a conversation about what we should be doing more of to push colleagues forwards and Nikki‘s piece in FE Week.


Friday and Saturday

I went to the Festival of Education. To talk on a panel. You know, as you do.



Future Activity:
Discuss PLTS, with Curriculum team, ensuring all areas are fully covered within (Next year’s) existing timetable.

Write up the SOW for 2014 with my Level 1 and 2 teams.

Blog about TDS

Coffee with the #FuturePrinciple

Blog about the FOE


Post at least one blog between Monday and Friday.

Confirm 2014’s Level 1 and 2 curriculum teams.

Be more Frank with the #SundayConfessional

Blog about Speaking, before July!


Be Seeing You.


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