Cripes its the week of the Crips

So what happened to me in F.E this week Internets?

Well first of all it’s important to reflect that other then my Sunday Confessional I haven’t blogged in the last fortnight, so need to do something about that…



Working with my January starts. I put on a CD of classical music, and set them a creative writing and peer assessment activity, however one student took particularly against the classical music, which personally i was enjoying. After the break I turned the music off and they worked much better.

For a final task I set the reflective question of ‘What Could they have done to improve the course they were on’. They felt so educationally disempowered that they struggled to think of anything that was in their power, even speaking to the Student’s Union.

For lunch i was invited, as Staff Rep, to meet prospective future Vice Princepals during a networking buffet, and what i found intriguing and I think Nikki Gibley will agree, is those that seemed to contain a quality about them, that made you feel yes it should be you, and there were those who didnt…

After lessons i had interviews for next academic year. I have been set the targets of 30 Level 1 students by Sept and already I am at 37, with no end in sight. So resources should be interesting over what could be 4 level 1 classes.



Hurtling towards the end of the course and so trying to keep students focused on coursework. Then after break we went to a local Primary School event, supported by the college, Carnival to Rio. My Student’s didnt really get into the party atmosphere, especially with the weather.

In the afternoon I had a 1 hour meeting with my line manager, which lasted 15 minutes. When I discovered that what had previously been agreed and what had been set for next academic year was two different things.

I finished the day at a Governors Meeting, for a local primary school, where I sit in a Co-Eped position from the College.



Crips Day. When we reflect on the year that has been, including student voice and stats, and basically accept that we didn’t do the best we could have for this years cohort and make decisions for next year.



Went in late due to a hospital appointment.

Spent the day working on just stuff.

Had a meeting with HoF, based on meeting with line manager, and whilst things are different, the meeting was very productive.

Afterwards sat down with colleague and began to plan out the years curriculum.



Had 34 1:1s with students. And thats all i have to say about that.


Future Activity:

Students often complain they have too much work to do and they struggle with deadlines. I have arranged that at the end of the next academic year, there will be a meeting between the teaching team and the students, chaired by the Student Support Officer, in which we discuss and agree the deadlines, with review meetings throughout the year.

Work more with students to understand the importanc of community events and why they should or shouldn’t take part.

One of the things I want to do next year, to support rigerous assessment and marking. Is having marking evenings, where the team get together, have pizza, and mark and second mark together. Rather then alone and seperated.


Produce at least 1 blog as well as the #Sunday Confessional next week.


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