The first week of the last term

Due to crazy math and course hours, I now only teach 2 days a week. Coming back off half term was it a blessing or a curse that those days were Monday and Tuesdays?
Working with my January starts that lead to three levels of tension.
Firstly, that the January starts are a challenging class.
Secondly there is only three weeks left of the course.
Finally on the Tuesday the class was being observed and the observer was being observed by an Ofsted inspector.

Monday’s lessons went relatively well as I hoped they would.
Tuesday we focused on the rights of a citizen, the lesson was research and writing processes. Not sexy but showed what they could do when focused and little room for it to go wrong. The observation went well. They were behaved enough for us not to get closed down and misbehaved enough to show why they where on a January start course. The observer and the inspector said it was a Good lesson and I was happy with that, if we can provide consistently Good lessons for these Learners then that is great.
Wednesday was 1:1’s
Thursday was training, and I’ll talk more about it in another blog, because there is something I am
still processing.
Friday was a day of meetings, and again one of them I’ll come back to.

All in a good week. Still need to work on the reflect, learn and goals though.

Be seeing.


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