Just because


When is a good time to start a reflective diary?

I used Posterous for reflection. I didn’t stop because they closed down, i stopped in 2010, because… just because.

I did some reflection this year as part of my teaching qualification, and decided that next (academic) year, I would keep a diary and post on a sunday.

1) because I like the symbology of the Sunday Confessional

2) because there is less chance of my tiny audience reading it.

Catharism before reflection, as i start today, not next year, because… just because.

Though feel free to join me in sunday reflections, we can absolve it other.

It was half term this week. when i go back my NEET class have 3 weeks to finish the course and on Tuesday they are being visited by a OFSTED inspector, not sure which prospect is making me more nervous.

But that is next week.

Lets look at this week.

Didn’t get a lot of work done, is that okay? It was half term after all, how much are we meant to do?

Tuesday there was a training session, it featured a 5 hour powerpoint. no really. I struggled to stay focused and awake. The focus was on what the college needs to do to achieve its goal of being ‘outstanding’.

A laudable goal, one i am certainly supportive of.

Yet, I did not leave the session feeling inspired to discuss the goal, with my peers and leaders, i had a tension headache.

On more than one occasion I should have spoken up and challenged the gatekeepers, but i didn’t. because… just because.

Friday, I went to CoFWD, I worked on a lot of blogs I haven’t published, but i set myself a blogging schedule. that counts.

I need to develop confidence in my opinion, if i am to expect anybody else to,I took part in a MERJ conversation, discussing my lack of confidence as a researcher. Time for the size of fish and pond. In both ponds my fish has a big voice, it’s just in the big pond, I’m not sure I’m ready for anybody to listen to it. because… just because.


GOAL: Reflections must contain analysis… just because.


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