The Brother’s Blaine

Originally posted on Posterous Febraury 24th 2010

* and Katie McCullough.

Of were very gracious and came down to College today to talk about their work in particular and making short films in general. If the students enjoyed and got half of what I did out of it, then they had a good session. Though its always hard to tell with students as the fact they aren’t asleep or looking in the opposite direction is often the most positive outcome you can hope for.

Amongst a plethora of shorts that they have made is Free Speech with Danny Dyer and one of my new personal favourites Death of the Revolution. (follow link for the trailer)

These are available to buy it turns out as part of a DVD Boxset. And I recommend you buy one. Or several. I know I will. If by I we understand I mean the college.

Thanks guys and gal.

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