Spoilt? Maybe a Little

Origianlly posted on Posterous September 2nd 2010
I was talking to a fellow teacher this evening, and it made me realise how lucky I am.
I just wanted to take this opportunity reflect on how well supported I am by my colleagues and bosses in doing what ever latest idea I’ve had for the course.
Today there was several long conversations about the time tables for this year, which had been complicated by me having amongst other things two specific ideas for what should happen and when. And my PAL gawd bless him, worked with me to ensure that they were possible (more on what that might actually be another time)
Whereas the feeling i get from others is that they’d have just been told no and to get on with it.
And this is true for many other areas as well. How supported are you? To be creative/ take risks. I believe it is hugely important if we are to be able to future proof ourselves let alone our students.
A real sign that maybe I’m spoilt? When I realised that with two classes I wouldn’t have enough copies of ‘The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents’ by Terry Pratchett for everybody AND that i only had one box of lego!
Luckily the Maurice books are being ordered.
I’m working on more lego.
If you are wondering why a Media lecturer needs copies of Pratchett and Lego. My question is why wouldn’t I?

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