Fun Skills: Work Smart

First posted on Posterous Dec 8th, 2010


Yesterday I was discussing with a colleague one of my biggest flaws, is in fully prepping an idea for class.

We were discussing embedding functional skills English and Maths into our courses and I was saying that whilst I rarely have an issue with regards having the idea, it doesn’t always go as well as it should.

This comes into the whole work smarter argument.

Even if an idea works really well, could it have worked even better.

Did I think the idea through?

Did I even write the idea down before I completed my lesson plan?

Did I reinvent the wheel, or did I check to see if there were resources already available online that covered the topic?

Did I discuss the idea with a colleague to get a different perspective?

More often the not the answer is no. Why? I tell myself it’s because I didn’t have time.

The reality is I didn’t use the time I had.

So working with the colleague I met yesterday, we formed a little think tank, and so using that time I’ll be able to discuss and fully plan out the task, and just as importantly, as a reflective learner, I’ll be able to discuss how it when, and revise and improve creating a resource for future years and others.

Or junking the whole thing.


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