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Originnaly Posted on Posterous September 3rd, 2010
My course has over 45 students and of those over half have been assigned a CAST facilitator.
CAST = Curriculum Access Support Team
This because they are registered as SEN or Special Educational Needs.
Some take acception to the term Special Needs, and I understand why, we all have some form of Special Needs. Our own quirks and mental lapses.
I prefer Social or Learning Difficulties. Is that better? Is better even the right word? Does it matter how its termed?
Labels we apply them and it’s hard to get rid of them. I chat to people who work in education and they talk as if students are a low form of life, and some of them aren’t joking.
How can you work with somebody you have such low regard for?
How did this happen?
Chicken or the Egg?
Do we mistrust and undervalue teenagers because they are troublesome and disrespectful?
Are Teenagers troublesome and disrespectful because we mistrust and undervalue them?
If you were told for the best part of a decade that you were a problem, a hassle, a nightmare how would it make you feel? What if you were ignored. Almost completely. What would you do?
A lot of questions. some easy answers some not so.
I had a student who would constantly play up in one-to-ones. When i asked why she said it was because she wasn’t used to the level of attention.
Oversized classes in oversized schools, focused on exam results and league tables.
Who are we serving?
The students or the statistics?
When results day comes round, and the continually dismissals of hard work and achievement are wide spread in the media, how does that effect moral.
When the target is 50% school leavers to go to University, how does that not devalue a degree?
What are we teaching and why are we teaching it?
I get a year, one year to turn these students around get them engaged and excited. It terrifies me that I might let them down.
It’s going to be a great year.

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