344 Questions pt 2

344 Questions is by Stefan Bucher of 344

Over the coming weeks I will be answer the questions found within the book

What Do You Want? Life Goals

Life Goals, it’s one thing to have short, medium even long term goals, but life goals?

I present an incomplete, non SMART, list that I reserve the right to amend…

1) For ‘drkeevil to achieve a read EdD.

2) To be a guest on Desert Island Discs.

3) To have a cup of tea and a chat with Sir Ken Robinson.

4) To deliver a TED/ TEDx/ RSA talk

5) To be a published Author

5b) for the book to be bought by more than just my Mum.

6) To visit Google and Pixar HQ

7) To contribute to a Government Policy on Further Education, that values Lifelong Teaching and Learning.





to be continued


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