Originally posted on Posterous Dec 12th 2011

I have a good start to my working week. I don’t have my first class until 11.30 p, which enables me to ensure I can sort out any final prep, deal with any news from the weekend.

I’m seriously considering reintroducing Assembly in to my courses timetable. The reasons are two fold. Firstly I like to see my students first thing, check how they are, pass on any important information. Check attendance. Secondly I insist that my students are outside class 5 minutes before the start of lesson. Otherwise I consider them late. Assembly would help ensure that happened.

After checking class I had a meeting with Vanessa Kent, who I am assisting with the Colleges Teachers Toolkit and connected resources. As well as other projects. We spent a lot of the hour meeting with me showcasing my new iPad and how I use it for work. Encouraging her to get one. We then discussed how due to changes to her timetable in the new year we would no longer be able to meet fortnightly and would have to move to monthly meetings and work together online. Which in terms of efficiency will mean we spend less time chatting, to be fair.

My first hour is fairly good going as well, I’ve arranged that one hour of the course is spent in the library. Ensures that the students spent some time in there. With the end of term approaching I had any  students who did not feel confident that they would meet deadline have a 1-2-1 with me. I then set them individual to do lists. Insisting that they do not worry about any work other then what is on the to do list. Once they have completed the tasks to inform me and I will set them new to do tasks. This is important as the time that students are most likely to drop out, or consider, threaten to drop out is at major deadlines. The students all felt that the to do lists helped.

My day was fairly derailed by pastoral care issues with five different students. Three of which fairly major, one of which I am powerless to do anything about. One of the students wrote me a very nice email thanking me for my support.

My afternoon class was replaced with students breaking into mini groups to complete outstanding work for a colleague and those students who had completed working together on a Christmas task. This enable me to spend time working on planning and assignment writing.

The end of my day was spent in my Cert Ed class, or DTLLS as it is now called. Though we are now studying a TAQA qualification in Assessment. Which has been interesting, though a lot of work in a little period of time.

Be seeing you.


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