Time after Sometime

First posted on Posterous December 8th 2010


I noticed a theme from my first two posts, an admission of time management failures.

Am I allowed to blame the seasons?

I ask because I came into work late yesterday (relatively I didn’t actually have a lesson, but there would have been an issue if I’d needed to cover) and I came in close to time today. Usually I’m in work 90 minutes early, clearly not part of my work smart process.

The last few days I’ve really struggled to get out of bed in the morning. This I am putting down to three things;

1)      Snowmaggedon. I got a little used to snug lay ins, and now the very idea of getting up at 6am seems absurd.

2)      It’s cooooold out there. Why would I want to get up, it’s warm in bed, it’s not outside the bed. Why would anybody go through that? 

3)      It’s dark, therefore 6am officially no longer exists and thus how can I be expected to get up.

Good I’m glad we solved that one.


I did use that time, to deal with Email, or print off any paperwork, or…

Of course if I worked smart I could have that already before I left the day before, well not the emails but you get the point…

If you do, then please let me know what do you do to manage your mornings? How much time before the start of lesson are you ready to go.


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