344 Questions pt 1

344 Questions is by Stefan Bucher of 344

Over the coming weeks I will be answer the questions found within the book

How would you describe your life in one sentence?

Is there a word that describes being exactly where you feel you need to be? Personally professionally politically philispophically. Plus any other ps.

Things aren’t easy, there’s not enough time or money, but I’ve excepted there will never be enough. So working with what I have, to the best of my ability? No. But getting better.

Where do you want to be;
I will, finally, come end of academic year, be a fully qualified teacher. At the start of the next academic year I will be course leader for the whole of the Level 1within the creative visual arts faculty. I will also be starting the first in a series of post graduate programmes that will lead (hopefully) to an MA.
I am where I want to be.

I’m about to celebrate my first anniversary with a beautiful geek and soon I will move in with her and her two great boys.
A serious relationship and step children weren’t part of the plan but they are very much part of my future.

Born and raised in Medway. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Nor do I have any real desire too.

I honestly don’t know. My personal artistic aspirations have diminished recently. Haven’t made a short film or written an original script in over a year.
Is teaching an artistic form?
Does this blog count?

I’ve picked up some bad procrastinating habits recently (like the last 15 years) that I’m working on improving. (That sounds wrong, like I want to be a better procrastinator!) I want to deprocrastinate.
Other then that I’m generlly mentally clear and genuinely healthy and happy.

What are you doing? Are you doing what you love?

I’m creating teachimg and learning environments where those who say the can’t can find out that they actually can.
And yes. I actually love it.


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