The Balance

Originally posted on Posterous 7th September 2010
‘The very fact that you just used the term, “work/life balance” probably means you have NO HOPE IN HELL of ever attaining it’
Today was my Granddads funeral, we weren’t close. I hadn’t seen him in over a decade. I took the afternoon off work to attend making sure I was in college in the morning to enrol a student and then spent some time doing some final prep work for Induction tomorrow.
After the funeral I went back to work to tie up some loose ends, for tomorrow.
Tonight I went out, for a meeting regarding a non-college project. a fun interesting meeting.
One of my new students, starting tomorrow, entered the pub. Don’t worry he is over 18.
We got speaking and ended up playing Pool.
Where I improved his confidence by beating him 3-0.
By taking the time to connect, I was able to get him to open up and I found out more about his background, things which will could prove vital in later one-to-ones.
Would you have played pool with him? (I ask out of curiosity not out of judgement)
How is your Work/Life Balance?

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