Learning Outcomes Expressway

What EXACTLY do I want to be able to do.
– if I were to express it in Actions
– how will I demonstrate if I have achieved?

What tasks would i need to regularly complete to be successful, this includes; productivity, creativity and teamwork.

I’ve thought about this in terms of knowledge, but in terms of actions, what is it I want to to be able to do?
I feel confident in my ability to deliver consistently good lessons, with the occassional outstanding.
I feel an empathy and understanding for my students, that I hope experience will reduce naivety and increase my succes at supporting my students.
I want to have the experience, skills and knowledge to be considered an expert. That is why i am embarking on this programme of study over the next 7.5 years.
I want to improve the learning environments, opportunities and experiences of my students and colleagues.

But how will this be expressed in actions?

this is something i need to think about, the doing.


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