Fabulous Bakin Brothers and Bellamy Fanboy

Originally posted on Posterous September 6th, 2010


Amongst a usual hodge podge of emails this morning two stood out.

One was from the head of admissions.
The other from an ex student.
One was thanking me.
The other distinctly, not.
One was about me trying to put right what I had put wrong.
the other was a perceived wrong against somebody i had tried to do right by.
My primary focus, and this will shock readers unsure of the nature of this blog, is my students, I put them first, as many educators do, but do I always consider the repercussions of my actions?
If something I say can be taken two ways…
and one of those ways causes offence…
I meant the other way.
I was so focused on having two classes this year I offered places on a course I didn’t have to offer. I didn’t consider the repercussions from them in dealing with concerned students wanting to know if they had made it into college. Nor did I consider my flippant attitude towards their guidelines.
I attempted to make amends with a sincere apology and muffins.
I had a student who graduated the course last year. A serial student, but whilst he did well on the course he didn’t do well enough to progress.
Working with there personal tutor I arranged for guidance for what to do post college. They didn’t attend.
After summer I discovered they had applied too do a different course.
Due to their level of social and learning difficulties I didn’t feel the course was appropriate. I recommended that a positive option for them was outside of college and so a place on the course was not given. I feel bad, but believe i have done the right thing in this case.
I have a nice email thanking me for the muffins.
I have an understandably unhappy email asking why I had something against them personally.
I think this is the point where we draw a moral for the story.
Be Seeing You

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