Don’t be sad 3 out of 30 ain’t bad.

Originally posted on Posterous March 1st Posterous

Research is an important skill in Media, and it is a skill.

Being able to do it correctly can significantly help with entry level positions.

It is also important on a Media Course. If that course is a BTEC in Media Production hen its actually mandatory. I have a guide book here, that’s what it says.

The first part of the task is to show an understanding of the importance of market and production research, this is traditionally done through an Essay. An Essay which requires primary and Non-ICT sources.

Today was not a good day, of a possible 30+ assignments due, 3 were submitted. Many had not even been started. I let my frustrations and disappointment reach the surface, and reacted to it. It’s been sad that ‘State is everything’ and this was not a good state to be in. Sweetly some students commented that they didn’t like to see me sad, not appreciating the irony that they were the ones making me sad.

And yet what was I expecting, they hadn’t researched and written an essay about research. Would I?

I wanted them to want to do the essay.  Why would they, why should they?

My sadness is a symptom of my naivety and over the years of teaching that potentially lay  ahead of me, this situation of students not doing the work will become a recurring one. Eventually I will accept it, expect it and fail to avert it.

Eventually I will no longer be saddened by it.

In truth though, I hope not.

In part I like that I’m saddened by it, that despite all evidence to the contrary I believe that the next assignment will be done with enthusiasm and on time.


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