State of Play

First blogged for MidKent in Feb 2012

In which Steve discusses the midpoint, being in the mood, the importance of state, and having flow (because chicks get him high).

As of writing it is the first week back after half term, and I am tired. My peers, colleagues, friends and I joke that it’s not long now until Easter, but only so much of it is a joke.

Five-and-a-half weeks, 28 working days.

Halfway through the year and that midpoint fatigue is starting to settle in. Things aren’t fresh anymore, colleagues make the same jokes and I know which student will make what type of comment, which student will eagerly want to contribute and which will try to hide under the table.

I know which will be in college half an hour before class and which will be half an hour after.

Midpoint fatigue – so long till the summer break…

This is obviously my personal account – you are no doubt fresh as a daisy, and I envy you.

It’s like any relationship – it needs to be kept fresh, interesting, honest.

Seriously getting me down… Listen to this and come back. Editor

Ahh, that’s better.

State, as they say, is everything.

Mental health strengthens and supports our ability to:

  • have healthy relationships

  • make good life choices

  • maintain physical health and wellbeing

  • handle the natural ups and downs of life

  • discover and grow toward our potential

Rhode Island Psychological Association

 When we enter the classroom, what state are we in and what state are we communicating to the students?

Are we angry and annoyed before we have even entered the room?

Are we bored of the lesson we haven’t even taught them yet?

Are we anxious and apprehensive of their behaviour?

Are we relaxed?



We are empathetic creatures by nature.

One person can seriously crash a mood and another can be the life and sole of the party.

When we plan our schemes of work, our lessons, how much do we take mood into account?

Should we?

How much has the phrase ‘death by Powerpoint’ affected our decision whether or not to use Powerpoint?

If your lesson was a colour, what colour would it be?

You may or may not have come across the concept of ‘flow’ from Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (side note, if you ever wanted to remember how to pronounce that name, think chicks-get-me-high. Not classy, but it works.)

It’s often used to discuss challenging learners, ensuring their skills and the challenge match.

How often do we use it to consider ourselves?

How is your flow?

Is your skill level equal to the challenges you face?

Are you bored?

Are you aroused?

When was the last time you learned new skills, and do you have challenges that enable you to use them?

And most of all leave a comment and let me know – are you feeling good?

Be Seeing You


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