What’s in a name?

I was intending to do a series of blogs, well to be clear I still am, about the different terms in my about page. This was so I could be clear in my head as to what they meant and why I use them, and this decision was confirmed by two events, firstly a friend who is normally very confident was informed they were “up their own arse” and rather then ignoring or rebuking they mulled and let it fester; secondly somebody I know childishly informed me that one of the terms I use “made them throw up a little bit in their mouth” and there was no interest on their part to discuss it.

  1. Teacher Learner
Ever since my blog on business cards I have been contemplating what to call myself.
Was I; a lecturer, a teacher, a tutor, a tinker, a taylor
Herder of Cats
I started over thinking it , inspired by Carl, who calls himself a Creative Midwife and Joiner of Dots, which personally I find a beautiful use of language and evocative.
I tried to do something with the word enable, feeling that is states a big part of what I do, and yet the connotations with that word seem to be largely negative.
Part of the problem was trying to encapsulate what I do. I was originally hired as a Media Lecturer, but now taught study skills, team building and cultural literacy amongst other things. I haven’t taught the media units for two years.
The emotional scars from the Samantha Morton experience still clearly raw.
I liked the idea of the double barrelled ting, and thought about a conversation I had had with Tim Clague. About the title Writer/ Director and how the emphasis was on the last word, implying they were Directors who wrote their own stuff, presumably because there is a shortage of scripts put there. Tim commented that he was considering referring to himself as Director Writer
In this context I thought about Student Teachers, Teachers who were still Students. I thought about my future plans, after finishing my Dttlls I intend to study further eventually achieving an MA.
I was a learner who taught.
A Teacher Learner.
Does the title matter? Not sure yet, but I finally feel I have something I could put on a business card, and it works for me as a blog title.
Next time : humanist
Be seeing you

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