Who Are You?

Originally Blogged for MidKent College in Oct 2011

So I went to an education conference recently, I know get me, and whilst I was there a couple of people gave me their business card.

I didn’t have a business card.

Do you?

If you did what would it say?




Sculptor of Minds?

Will work for food?

There’s a comment section at the bottom, feel free to let me know. (What we mean is, please let us know that you are reading this, Editor)

A couple of years ago I went to a preview screening of the movie Synecdoche, New York, one of the great modern movies you haven’t heard of, which was followed by a Q&A with the director, Charlie Kaufmann and the star, Samantha Morton.

Now if you haven’t heard of Kauffman, it’s okay, he hasn’t heard of you either, but he did write the screenplay to the incredible and emotional Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Go check it out.

I mean it.

Go Now. (Go later, Editor)

(Hello? Editor)

2 Hours Later

That film is amazing. (Are you crying?)


So after the film (Synecdoche), during the Q&A I asked an obviously insightful, funny and brilliant question of them both.

And Morton asked me, ‘What do you do?’

To which I replied, ‘I’m a media lecturer.’

‘Oh dear’, came the reply.


I’ve since changed my reply to College Lecturer, specialising in Media & English.

When I was at the Inception world premiere, sat next to Marion Coutilard and behind Leo De Caprio, I looked pretty fantastic in a tux. But that’s not important right now. Neither is the fact that I stood next to Cillian Murphy in the queue for the toilet. (Then what is important? Editor)

What is important is that afterwards I went to the VIP party, (That’s important? Editor) Well it was if you were there (wait, is this the time you turned up to the Principal’s talk in a tux) Indeed…

Anyways, whilst at the party I was chatting to Martin Scorsese’s assistant and he asked what I did. By now I had honed my answer,

‘I’m a college lecturer, working with students with social and learning difficulties’

‘Wow’, came the reply ‘it’s so good to meet somebody that does something that matters’ he said.

And that felt good, even after he’d completely forgotten who I was.

If only I’d been able to give him a business card.

Be seeing you.


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