Create or Die Redux and Prologue

‘Non-Fiction = continuously evolving narrative being lived. All my posts are’ Fellow Creative
I haven’t blogged in a long time. It was the above post that got me ignited to try and try again. What’s stopped me is that I have a series of half finished thoughts and ideas, wanting to write about ‘Creativity’ but between paranoia and procrastination lies a gulf of nothingness.
Carl’s quote above made me realise that a post doesn’t need to be finished before you post it, as long as it’s intent is clear and that as my thoughts and understanding develops so can the posts.
So ill be going through previous posts dusting them off and armed with amongst other things Sir Ken RobinsonsThe element’ and Paul Arden’s ‘It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Thing You Are’  Plus the work of Gaping Void and TED talks. And not forgetting the minds of friends and other tweeps.
To write something interesting, relevant, and not….
‘I Don’t mean rehashing some old blog posts either like most of  you do’ 1938 media

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