Balancing Act

Continuing on from yesterday, part of the situation of working in media is that it is a collaborative industry and so you don’t always have to worry about your own balancing act.

sometimes it’s others that can bring things to a crashing halt. Not through any real fault of their own, other then their life got in the way. There was an imbalance. This has happened to several projects I have been involved with in the past few years. sometimes its me, sometimes its not, but most times the project comes to a crashing halt.

Occasionally, if lucky, we are able to dust ourselves and it down and pick it up again/ start again. sometimes even with what feels like a great idea we are not.

Im going through that a bit at the moment and wanted to talk about one particular example. Whilst developing an idea on Youth Activism, with a student of mine, Olie Martin, we had the opportunity to film and later interview a Student Union representative from Belgium on the subject of Student Prostitution. In the following months Olie and I would discuss that topic and what we could do about it. the more we researched it the more we wanted others to know about it.

Olie isn’t a ‘typical student’ in many regards, what ever that actually means. Acutely politically aware, with a strong belief in socialism and a desire to achieve his best it was interesting to approach a project not  as lecturer/ student but as equals.

To discuss the merits and our joint desire to bring light to this issue.


This has to be done whilst we both find our balance. And so with us both being in college we agreed to meet Thursdays to  discuss things. Even if we hadn’t achieved anything. The right decision was to meet anyway, so that it stays part of our conversation, even micro achievements better then not meeting at all. Because it is very easy for one week to become two and then a month and then you cant remember when you last met to discuss the project.

Media is a collaborative medium and sometimes the collaboration is just staying the course.


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