The Balance Redux


Previously I talked about Balance, based on a blog by Tim Clague. Its something i think about a lot.

Finding the right balance between working, writing producing, blogging and living.

Im constantly thinking about my life and what the next step is, from a financial point of view.  Do I want more independence, do I want to be debt free or do I want to create. And in real terms i can at this stage only have one of those things.

And depending on what time of day it is I pick a different thing. I’m very lucky, that I get to make this choice, but I can’t make it. I try and i fail and i get it wrong.

So ive benn talking, well i say talking quizzing, friends about their balance seeking some clarity on the subject. Showing how unbalanced I am, some of them i havent got back to due to work. I hope to share things I have learnt from them with you and eventually make a decision i can standby.

And find my own balance. and not fall off.



2 thoughts on “The Balance Redux

  1. Still haven’t figured this one out. I think I chose independence, and creativity is creeping back in now. On the subject of debt I figure I’ll always be in it, so I’m not going to stress over it.

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