#followfriday 15th May

Follow Friday is a twitter trend to promote Friends, like minded people, people of interest, on Twitter.

Les Cochrane quite rightly noted that a random list of names means nothing, he’d much rather have a select few names and a reason why they’d be good to follow.

I decided to do a bit of both, and use my blog to talk about those on Twitter I follow, and why I think you should follow them too.

I’ll only recommend a maximum of ten per week and will set up a category so you can find them should you so wish.

Todays #followfriday is dedicated to those funny, interesting cats who have yet to break the magic 100 Followers and I honestly feel that you and they would be better off if you just tweeted them to say Hi…

Some of them may not have tweeted that much, but im sure with your support…

Andy Walker: KMFM radio’s morning DJ and fellow Lecturer.

Andrew Ireland: Undergraduate Dean at Bournemouth Media School and Director of the a Cheeky Girls Musicc Video.

Andy Mac: Maybe you can bring him out of his cave. He has known to be funny, and even have an opinion or two.

Matt ‘Cherub‘: Guitarist in Mind Without Maths. Lock up your daughters.

David Skelton: Co-Founder of LeMonday, Nice Facist, recent Father and connected to the mysterious Sheep of Justice.

Rachael Lewis: She helped to bring about the end of the world. but otherwise is really great, she needs your followship. But don’t try and hug her.

Ed Holden: Film Editor at MSN.  Watch him try and interview Russell Brand, when his ‘striking’ trainee enters the room. http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-gb&vid=9f4c716e-71c5-4d2d-bfaf-c69ec6384d1d


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