From the Cellar: Stepping Stones Episode 4 and 5

By now we were all so tired, that i forgot to post this blog

So Episode 4, written by Amy Flanighan and Nina Bailey, contains flashbacks. Which is naughty, soaps don’t have flashbacks.

It was also the episode which was nominated for a NASTA, which led to a nice little jolly somewhere.

Matt Clarke sign seals and delivers the episode; he takes Bruce from a one-joke character and given the room shines. Matt, also a student at Bournemouth asked me if he could have a role as an editor on the production as that was his specialism. Due to time constraints I had to say no, we needed him on set. I felt bad, but not that bad.

Looking at the party scene, not only did we get to leave the flat again, whoop whoop, but you can see that some people clearly weren’t up for another party shoot. And so the house is quite sparse.

Now point of confusion, is it a Halloween party, I really can’t remember. Because if so then that sets this in November and means that the whol series happened in the first term of Uni. So I choose to say no, they just chose to wear Halloweeny type costumes. Right.

The episode also over ran. Which was a hassle for putting it on youtube.

By this point communications between a lot of the crew had broken down. We were tired, and I under appreciated a lot of people. And at the risk of sounding whiney, didn’t always feel the love myself. To the extent that there was some who all communications broke down with for the final year of Uni.

And to those people I would like to say sorry and thank you.

At the end Mark Williams got a special jokey shout out in the credits. Whilst a lot of the first year runners were great, Sian as previously mentioned took one for the team. Mark went above and beyond, putting more hours in then were legal. Though this was back in the day he was reliable.

Time is short and memory is vague, can I write a piece about each episode?

Written by George Wielgus and Dom Lawson this was by far my favourite script and a lot of what I liked never made it to the screen. 

Finishing the two part story and the series as a whole. I love Matts portrayl of Dylan and Doug as the clown. 

Not all the pieces come together fully but by now that fact people were still talking to each other was a miracle. And I didn’t take fully responsibilty for my own failings to communicate for quite a while. 

Im still proud of Stepping Stones but unfortunetly its greatest achievement is that it exists at all. It wasn’t tried before and to my knowledge wasn’t attempted again. I was asked to run the student tv station the following year and we successfully produced a series of live music shows broadcast on to the net. Pioneers. 

As and when im going to update what the rest of the Stepping Stone survivors have been up to. 

Tired now. 


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