From the Cellar: Stepping Stones pt3

headbeer2Episode 3 written by Matt Handrahan, Tom Lane and Sam Guest, is my favourite episode. And the two scenes book ending the episode are may favourite of the whole show.

Laurence, in a running theme you may have noticed, did his best to ruin them. He also cast Anakin Skywalker, writes ITV Drama Premiers and has an uncredited directorial role in the Matrix sequels.

The role of the Landlord was written specifically for Terry Turbo, who had sent us a glorious showreel for an earlier project. The eloquent dialogue was crafted especially and Laurence attempted an 11th hour rewrite to tone it down. Thankfully the Landlord was handled with zeal.

I remember Darius being very nervous about the finale and what was to be shown, he need not have worried. If we weren’t going to film hot nurses in the shower we deff weren’t going to film his secret sauce cooking.

Also look out fro the great disappearing cameo by Stephanie Stevens.

The episode is also of note in that it was the first episode to properly leave the flat, and the only episode to actually have a scene set in an external location. This was due to a very tight shooting schedule and a tighter budget.

Now remember not to forget about the package, otherwise the end of Episode 5 will make even less sense.

To be continued

Be Seeing You


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