Did you Come in Alone?


Are podcasts worthy of analytical study? As a media graduate, practitioner and now lecturer, as well as Pod devourer, it’s certainly something of interest to me.

Having re-read Warren Ellis’ Come in Alone, a collection of articles on Comics and comic writing. I was struck by how many of the points relate to Podcasting and I aim that here, as well as using branches of media studies to look at podcasts and discussions with podcasters.

I’ve been very interested in online media since University and as early as then I could be heard muttering in the corner that ‘the tinterweb was the future’ except I was still muttering in the corner whilst other people set about making it happen.

And it’s that that I’m going to be talking about here. Looking at those that are already casting and blogging and discussing with them why they do it, where they started, what they enjoy and what they hope to see happen. One of the things that I love is that once work is posted online, if I don’t watch it then, then I can watch it much later. I have only recently found and fell in love with Four Eyed Monsters. 


Having watched the first season I ordered the DVD and whilst I enjoyed the film, I found the second season of Podcasts a much more rewarding and emotional experience.

As part of this process I plan to become much less of a passive consumer, this was partly due to my need to catch up with large swathes of shows and keeping up to date, as Steve Garfield once commentated, can become a part time job.

 So what exactly is a Podcast? Should it be spelt PODcast, if is on video should it be a VODcast, is that different to a Video Blog and do the definitions matter or just get in the way?

As I’ve been consuming the pods, I’ve been saving those that I thought were of interest and I’ll be going over those and reviewing them in further detail and also looking into the shows that no longer exist and seeing if we can find out what happened. Looking at online content that has made it into the mainstream and what, if anything that means.

Essentially, the ideas will develop and grow and I’m looking forward to where this rambling idea will take me. And for now let me leave you with a fun look at what the different between Internet TV and TV from Galacticast.




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