Wiping the Slate Clean

It's a White board

It's a White board


For a long time the white board contained a lot of items that I failed to do.

Ideas that were had and never achieved.

And then I’d beat myself up over my lack of achievements and then procrastinate from actually doing something proactive to change this. It became a slippery slope.

So this year, became the year that could. And the first thing to do is start with a clean board. And only add projects in a controlled achievable way. And try not to be a story kleptomaniac obsessively getting excited anytime somebody came to me with an idea.

And the simple rule is, if it’s not on the board then I’m not working on it. So as I start to add stuff to the board we shall see what I’m working on, where possible I’ll give you as much detail as possible, talk about whom I’m working with, why I want to do it. Etc.


7 thoughts on “Wiping the Slate Clean

  1. I used to have a whiteboard at work crammed with things to do.

    I did the same as you – only I took it to extremes and after wiping the board clean also left my job.

    It was just taking up too much time.

    Good luck

    • That is extreme.

      If i was to leave my job, that would mean giving up on making (attempting (failing to attempt)) media. gulp.

  2. Now that is a bloody good idea. I actually finished a promo treatment yesterday – the sense of accomplishment from finishing something that has admittedly been hanging around for a month and I’ve been avoiding due to self-doubt, was unparalleled. Two more to go… x

    • Well done you.
      I can’t decide wether the sensation of I want to finish it, just so i can stop thinking about it is healthy or not. but its something i think a lot.

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